Chastity cages, also called chastity belts, are historical devices that date back to medieval times. It is an accessory used mainly to restrict sexual activities and is often intended for women to preserve their virginity or prevent adultery. Today, although their use has largely evolved, discussions about their role, their ethics, and their place in history continue to arouse interest. In this article, you will discover some valid reasons for wearing a chastity cage.

Embrace discipline

One of the main reasons some men adopt a chastity cage is to respect discipline. Indeed, in a couple, when a man locks himself in a chastity cage, he would be able to take the reins of his sexual pleasure. This reinforces the bond of trust within the relationship. The chastity cage acts as a tangible symbol of commitment to sexual discipline, encouraging self-control and patience. 
Moreover, wearing this cage can add a new dimension to a couple’s sexual life. By pushing the limits of delayed pleasure between partners, you can experience greater excitement and a more intense emotional connection. Also, it can encourage open and honest communication about each other’s wants and needs.

Explore fantasies

The use of a chastity cage offers an opening towards the discovery of fantasies and erotica. This practice can encompass role-playing games based on dominance and submission as well as experiences of deferred pleasure. For some individuals, this exploration is liberating, allowing them to go beyond the limits of taboos and to know themselves better on a sexual level. In a relationship, when both partners decide to explore these fantasies together, it can enhance their intimacy and mutual trust. 
Likewise, for some, wearing a chastity cage can become a regular practice, integrated into their sexual and relational dynamics. It can also be a temporary experience used to spice up their intimate lives on an ad hoc basis. It is important to emphasize that this practice must be consensual and respectful of everyone’s limits. 

Fighting infidelity

Infidelity is a phenomenon that very often causes a loss of trust, leading to a rupture between two people in a relationship. It is a form of betrayal that can also cause intense emotional and psychological suffering for everyone involved. It is to avoid this problem that some couples use a chastity cage. Wearing this accessory is a practice that involves physically limiting access to sexual satisfaction outside the main relationship. 
This can, therefore, potentially strengthen trust and mutual loyalty between partners. In a couple, by voluntarily locking up one partner, they can share a sense of exclusivity and commitment to their relationship. However, before this practice is carried out in a couple, it must be consensual. Both partners should be okay with and comfortable with the idea of using a cockroach cage in the relationship.

Manage the urges

Using a chastity cage can provide significant benefits to some individuals. Besides its traditional role of control in BDSM relationships, this practice can also help you better manage their sexual urges. Enclosing sex in a physical cage will allow you to limit access to the sexual act and can encourage deep introspection into one’s desires. 
Additionally, some people find new emotional and mental clarity. This allows them to focus their energy on more productive, creative, or intellectual pursuits, thus promoting their personal growth. Additionally, this device can help men resist masturbation. Once they wear this accessory and don’t hold the key, it would be difficult to act on it. Which helps them not even think about masturbation anymore.