If you are in a relationship, masturbation can help you achieve maximum pleasure from both of you. You are certainly asking yourself, how is this possible? Of course this is possible with practical advice. Discover in this article the advice to achieve enjoyment as a couple thanks to masturbation.

Masturbating and focusing on pleasure and this, in front of each other

The observation phase is extremely important before the touch of a glans or the clitoris. It’s a big mistake to jump on either one in a hurry. What you have to understand is the fact that the bodies are not the same and they do not react in the same way to stimuli; It urges then, that you get to know the way his body works. Only then you might be able to give her the joy of sexual pleasure through your hands. Of course, this doesn’t happen automatically, so it’s up to each partner in the couple to masturbate in front of the other.

Masturbation in a couple can be done alone, but that does not prevent you from getting help from your partner. Each partner can choose to touch themselves. Anyway, masturbation in the couple brings shared sexual pleasure, all this, using your hands.

Masturbating in duo

If you were able to pass the phase of observation, of participation in the enjoyment of your partner, you can also enter the game while getting your feet wet. It is important that each partner in the couple allows themselves to be accompanied so that masturbation allows you to reach orgasm. If you have no idea what positions to adopt to masturbate as a couple, absolutely not to worry. There is the side-by-side position and the face-to-face position that you could adopt to make everything go better.