Copulatory vocalization for those who do not know what it means, it is a technique of sexual arousal that is used to communicate. She uses what is called alternative language, shouts and noises to achieve her ends. Discover more notions about this practice explained in this article.

Why do we make noise when we make love?

It’s no secret the noises and cries lovers make during sex. This is obviously to show how immense the pleasure felt is. This type of language has its raison d’ĂȘtre for physical and psychological facts. Screaming, making noise and sometimes even crying are signals that you send to your partner to show your gratitude because he makes you feel crazy pleasure. Sometimes the pleasure is shared, because it also pleases your partner that he is able to satisfy you. It must still be said that this language strongly encourages men to do more. Especially, when the woman gives cries of satisfying, the man is more stimulate. It must then be understood that cries are signals that trigger the sensuality of lovers. It’s not over, the alternative language is a technique that women use to give confidence to their partner. It is also a way for the woman to breathe well during the sexual act.

Is noise in bed always a pleasure?

If you didn’t know, now know that noises are sources of excitement and therefore, it is good to make noise in the middle of sexual intercourse. For real, silent sex is sometimes boring, so noise is needed to enhance the pleasure. Making noise during sex doesn’t mean ringing an alarm bell to wake up the whole neighborhood. Likewise, an ugly girl isn’t worth it if you like reactive sex.